The Block

The Block

The past 2 years have been somewhat of a hazy blur.

We brought our little girl into the world, launched our own business, made some waves on social media, got published in magazines, and now our work hangs in thousands of homes around Australia and the world.

It's been overwhelming and utterly exciting to say the least.

There are so many highlights it would take a countless blog posts to share them all, but I wanted to dedicate this particular post to The Block.

Yes. The Block.

As in, the show The Block.

The one we all watch on channel 9, being impressed by the talented folks who pull off showstopper spaces week after week busting themselves to achieve things many of us might not pull off in a lifetime.

It's reality TV at its finest - no pompous poodle-wearing gossipers or fake romances, just good ol' smashing walls and styling awesome spaces.

And since I'm a huuuuge fan of The Block, you can imagine my sheer thrill when I found out that one of our prints was going to be part of Bec Douros' nursery.

You might remember the loveable Bec and George from 2013's The Block Sky High season 7. I mean how could you not? Their style is meticulous and their personalities are gorgeous.

So knowing that Bec chose our print to be the highlight piece of her new baby's space was a true honour.

But the sensational surprises don't stop there.

Last season's talented winners, Shay and Dean - aka The Wild Creatives - have also been One Tiny Tribe supporters.

They have a One Tiny Tribe signature print as part of their beautiful home setup, showcased marvellously in this The Wolf Pack Mrs interview.

In retrospect I guess we've been more entwined with The Block than I consciously realised. However, it was still a delightful surprise when we recently got invited into the exclusive The Block Shop vendor community.

Which means you can now find One Tiny Tribe on The Block Shop website.

It's truly amazing to have our work living there alongside some of our wall decor heroes like Laura Blythman, For me by Dee, Freddy Alphabet, and Anika & Carter.

So to celebrate this new chapter of the One Tiny Tribe journey we're throwing a Block Shop sale this week - woop woop!

Tap on the link above or the image below to visit us on The Block Shop and snag a bargain (or two).

And before your go please, please know - that none of this would be possible without your support.

So from the bottom of my heart... Thank you!

xx B

One Tiny Tribe on The Block Shop

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