Mindful design of the Ma family home

Mindful design of the Ma family home

A bit over a year and a half ago, I came across a wonderful company called Modern Fort.

I fell in love immediately, and not just with their beautiful and contemporary designs, but with the philosophy of their online store.

You see, Modern Fort is all about community and giving back. They work with various artists to create exclusive pieces which help raise money for invaluable causes. 

The concept is amazing.

And the lady behind the company is even more so.

Joanne Ma is one caring, conscious, and considerate soul.

From her online business to her private life and family home, Joanne does everything mindfully.

So it's no surprise that her stunning abode has been featured on Design Sponge this week.

One Tiny Tribe print "One love" in the home of Modern Fort owner Joanne Ma

And what's particularly a big honour for me, is that not one - but two! - of our prints live in Joanne's lovely home.

"One love" featured above.

And "I loved you first" featured below.

One Tiny Tribe print "I loved you first" featured in the home of Modern Fort owner Joanne Ma

The Design Sponge article by Karla Dreyer is a great writeup on how a design-conscious family has turned a relatively small space into a mindful home that optimises on functionality.

100% worth the read!

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