DIY Eucalyptus Christmas Baubles

DIY Eucalyptus Christmas Baubles

DIY Christmas bauble - minimal nordic style filled with eucalyptus

Christmas is right around the corner.

And while things are a little hectic over at our place, it's never too crazy to get into the Christmas spirit.

This year the kids and I thought we'd have some fun decorating baubles.

Originally, we were going to give the whole monochrome, b&w look a go.

But then our friend Letitia found a DIY clear bauble set at Target and it sparked a little idea.

Why not do what we do every time, and turn to nature?

So instead of using the multicoloured foam shapes and crazy glitter, we opted for simple, yet stylish, Eucalyptus branches instead.

Here's how we did it...

What you need:

What to do:

  • Cut branches approx 15cm in length.
  • Pull bauble lid out of the bauble.
  • Pop the Eucalyptus branch in through the opening largest leaf side first.
  • Slide branch gently inside the bauble making sure not to damage the leaves.
  • Let Eucalyptus branch curl up organically inside the bauble.
  • Once you're happy that the whole branch is inside the bauble, pop the lid back on top by pinching the wire bits towards each other and inserting them into the top.
  • Tie supplied ribbon or twine for hanging.


DIY Christmas bauble - simple and stylish nordic minimal design with eucalyptus


Your very own, nordic style Christmas baubles.

Pop 'em on your tree, add some fairy lights and a whole bunch of cheer and you're set.

I'd love to know if you like this idea - leave me a comment below ;)

And if you end up making your own, tag @onetinytribe on Instagram so I can see your magical creations.

xx Branka

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DIY Christmas bauble - minimal nordic style filled with eucalyptus

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