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6 Killer TED Talks To Watch When You Can Afford Some Downtime

Posted by Branka Injac Misic on


Sometimes, all I need is a hot cup of coffee and some uninterrupted inspiration time to help me refuel.

If you're anything like me, insights from highly-intelligent, highly-motivated people give you a buzz to get started on that new project you've had in mind. Or help you put life in perspective.

And if you're anything like me, you turn to TED talks to draw this inspiration from.

So here are some I absolutely love with a quick run down on what they're about and who they're for (in case you've only got time for a couple)...


For the mum who constantly battles with the thought "Can I really do this motherhood thing?" (Yup, that's all of us.)

This poem-esque talk by Katherine Wintsch is mesmerising. Not just because it covers the age old question every mother finds herself asking, but because it also unmasks motherhood. It makes you realise you're not alone. It keeps it real. It brings out the truth about what being a modern mother is really like: consistently covered with fluids.


For the anyone who wants to be the incredible person they're meant to be.

Mel knows her sh*t. She's spent years helping people reach their full potential. But there's no wishy washy angles to her tactics. In fact, her methods for allowing yourself to do something amazing just for you are pretty simple. But be warned - "simple" doesn't mean "easy".


For the adult who could use some "childish" thinking in their life.

This kid is pretty spesh. And not just because she's been a prolific writer and blogger since age 7, but because her ideas rattle the status quo. And because she's right when she says that the world needs more "childish" thinking in order to breed bold ideas, wild creativity, and especially optimism.


For the parent who's anticipating "The Talk" with their child.

Yup. We're talking about "The Talk". The one that takes a child from thinking that babies are delivered by stalks (or that they accumulate from dust behind the couch) to knowing how it really happens. Julia might not have the 'right method' for you - but it'll sure make you laugh and perhaps ease the agony of thinking about what your own talk will turn out like.


For anyone interested in living a rich life.

We're not talking about a rolling in millions kinda rich. Not even an extra $100 kinda rich. Here we're talking about the rich kinda rich - the feeling that fulfils you when you live meaningfully. Whatever that means for you. 


For anyone feeling down who wants to spend about 14 minutes laughing.

A wonderfully uplifting and hilarious talk from a disabled Muslim woman with Cerebral Palsy - so, so good!



Whaha think?

Hope you found some inspo or that you're feeling good after watching these. Let me know in the comments below if you have a fav TED talk I should totally check out.

Chat soon,


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