Messy Bear - NOW in poster sizes

Messy Bear - NOW in poster sizes

One Tiny Tribe - Messy bear don't care print

Since releasing our "Messy bear don't care" print - we've been totally blown away by the love our customers and community have shown towards the little fellow.

Messy Bear originally came about from a need to create a friendly and inspiring character to 'protect our son's dreams and help him sleep'. We wanted to make something that was whimsical and a little bit 'magical' while also being easy to recognise by toddlers.

And that's how Messy Bear was born.

For a long time after his release, we received request upon request for Messy Bear in larger sizes, but popping out poster sizes isn't as simple as it appears. People have lots of different poster size preferences.

So after analysing the requests we've received so far, we've concluded that there is a demand for 2 poster sizes over all others - and that's the 50cm x 70cm and the 40cm x 50cm.

These sizes are best suited to the IKEA Fiskbo 50x70 and Fiskbo 40X50 frames which are totally affordable, stylish, and come with a durable plastic poster protection, rather than glass - making them the perfect Messy Bear home for a child's room.

And so Messy Bear now comes in 50cm x 70cm and 40cm x 50cm sizes. If you're ready for a big Messy Bear just CLICK HERE to get yours today.

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