One Tiny Tribe APRIL 2016 Survey

One Tiny Tribe APRIL 2016 Survey


We recently ran a survey to get to know our Instagram followers a bit better and to hear what they have to say about One Tiny Tribe.

We did this because we believe in constant improvement and we like to give our followers more of what they want.

To say that we were overwhelmed with the amount of people that decided to share their thoughts is an understatement. Wow! We were blown away by the response.

So we thought it only fair to share some of that feedback and to talk about some pros, cons, and ways forward for One Tiny Tribe.

Here's a quick visual of some of the feedback plucked right out of our survey system  (you'll find more insights below it)...

some feedback from our survey


And here are some important things that stood out to us and what we're going to do about them...


Better quality competitions

We had a lot of feedback around Instagram competitions. While a bunch of people said they enjoy Instagram competitions and discovering new accounts through them, another bunch raised concerns around how legit they are how annoying they are.

Let us be the first to guarantee you that we only team up with the best of the best in terms of Instagram competitions. You'll always find all the T&Cs of our Insta comps here and we'll always announce winners and keep those announcements up for a minimum of 3 days after the winners have been announced.

We've also cut down the amount of Instagram competitions we're involved in, especially loop competitions. And we're working on doing more fun, quality, and engaging comps where you not only score good prizes, but also enjoy the competition itself.

So keep an eye and ear out for those.

More pics of prints in 'unstyled' environments

A chunk of feedback revolved around the types of styled pics we post of our prints. While you guys enjoy seeing the 'magazine style' interiors featuring our prints, you also want to see more photos of our prints in homes that haven't been put together by professional stylists.

One way for this to happen is for you to tag us in your images if you have our prints. We can only work with the pics we have and we honestly love seeing our work in your homes. If your account is private, don't be shy to email through a photo or two (

Another way to see more ideas of how to style our prints is to visit our blog from time to time. We often do weekly round ups of our stuff like here, here, and here. We try to keep this frequent so check in to see if your pic has shown up on our blog.

And if you're not into blogs much, but you love to pin away (don't worry, we're addicts too) you can find us on Pinterest. We have a special board dedicated to inspiration around styling our prints, but we also have a whole lotta other groovy inspo and styling there that might tickle your fancy.

More colour in our artwork

The feedback around colour has been one of the biggest stand outs for us. While a lot of people gave us the loveliest feedback about our prints and designs, there was a lot of talk around colour.

Our prints have traditionally been very monochrome because we believe black and white can almost always be slipped into any interior and work. So our focus was on building a range of prints that had great designs and were very adaptable.

But we, too , believe it's finally time to expand our artwork into a direction that's brimming with colour and we've already been working on some things behind the scenes - so it's great to see we're aligned with our followers' desires.

More sales

Soooo, here's an interesting one. We had a lot of feedback around how our followers would like to see more flash sales happening on our feed.

The reason this is interesting is because we do hold sales, but chances are they're being missed. Prior to Instagram's algorithm changes (which are definitely in effect but haven't been rolled out across the board) people missed on average 70% of their feeds.

So there's a very big chance that a very big portion of our followers missed our sales this way. What's also interesting is that with the new algorithm you're likely to miss even more of our content if you don't engage with our account.

Engaging with our account means double tapping (liking) our photos at the very least, but more importantly, it's about leaving comments (to which we always try to reply) and giving feedback.

We'd never ask you to turn on post notifications for us - you've got better things to do than listen to your phone buzzing all day - but if you want to keep seeing our stuff, check in with us from time to time and give us a like and a "hoorah" when you see our posts come up in your feed.

This way, you're much, much more likely to be see our posts about flash sales.

Another thing you can do is sign up to our mailing list. Scroll to the very bottom of this webpage and you'll see the email signup form. Oh and look, there's already a first 10% off you can score yourself - boom!

Even better content

Wowzers, we had to leave the best for last. We were totally gob-smacked to find out that on average you guys think we deserve a whopping 7.92!! on a scale from one to ten in terms of how we compare to other brands you follow.

This is truly amazing and we can't thank you enough for your kind words and amazing support and feedback. However, we're unsettled folks - movers, shakers, limit breakers - and we believe in always pushing ourselves to be better.

So our goal is delve a bit deeper into the kind of content you want to see and to serve it to you on a silver platter because, honestly, we think you deserve the best.

Keep an eye out for another survey coming soon and the chance for you to guide us in the right direction in terms of the things you want see.


There are several other things we'll be working on over the coming months, but those are the 5 we wanted to talk to you about because they stood out the most.

And of course, we can't not mention the 10 people who scored themselves an A4 print of their choice by doing the survey (all have been notified via email - check your spam folders):

  • cat******************
  • sal********
  • ali***********
  • nic**********
  • em********* 
  • be********
  • al******
  • B****
  • am*******
  • har**********


If you didn't get a chance to do the survey, we welcome you to leave your thoughts, feelings, and vibes in the comments below (we always like hearing what you've got to say).

And until next time - thanks for the support, peeps!

Lots of love xx

Branka and the One Tiny Tribe team

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