The second best "F" word...

The second best "F" word...

Strangely enough "Friday" is not my favourite "F" word.

And while I swear like a sailor, that naughty "F" word is not in my top 3, either.

In fact, "Food" is actually my favourite "F" word, very closely followed by "Flowers".

I love flowers. I think they are one of the most beautiful things on Earth. Sure, not all of them are stunning, but a flower about the place is sure to liven up and beautify any interior.

So when I received my first ever bunches from Flower Haul I was honestly blown away.

Not only were my daisy chrysanthemums and purple snapdragons stunning, they were as fresh as morning bread from my fav bakery.

But the best part of all, these babies are locally grown, meaning the support goes straight to Australian flower growers!

In case you're not aware, a large portion of flowers sold in Australia actually comes from Kenya, Vietnam, Ecuador, Africa, or Columbia. It's causing Australian flower growers to go out of business. And being the owner of a small Australian business myself, this really bothers me.

So I absolutely love the Flower Haul promise of always sourcing Australian-grown, cut flowers.

Plus, for just $39 (including delivery - woop woop!) they are simply irresistible.

The only thing is that right now, Flower Haul only deliver to the South-East Queensland area: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Sunshine Coast.

But they'll be expanding to other metro areas around the country soon, so keep an ear and eye out.

In the meantime, why not send someone in South-East Queensland a stunning, Aussie-supporting, bunch of market blooms?

Check out Flower Haul now and give them support by following them on Instagram.

Enjoy, flower-lovers!

xx B

P.S. Oh and there's a bonus - the box is big and brilliant your toddler will have a blast with it!

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What a great review of a great product. I got my first flower haul delivery last week and am absolutely in love! The flowers are beautiful and the process was very easy to order. I can’t wait to order another bunch soon!

Felicity Andrews

Such a great lil’ business! I got my flowers last week, and they are stunning! Great article too, I think my favourite F word is now Flower Haul!

Cindy Blanchard

Glowing endorsement of a great new Aussie company. We’ve also had flowers delivered free from Flowerhaul and we couldn’t be happier with the product and the quality/freshness of the flowers.

Elton Walker

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