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The 5 letters I would have written myself - but someone beat me to it

Posted by Branka Injac Misic on

Boy, oh boy!

This motherhood gig is one wild ride, huh?

And no matter what I tell myself, there's absolutely nothing that could have prepared me for it.

Except, maybe, perhaps... My future self having a word or two with me about a couple of things.

So that got me thinking about my current self (who, in the previous sentence is 'my future self' - just bear with me) and what I'd tell my past self.

And then that thinking, led to some clicking, and - of course! - the internet already had my thoughts plastered all over it.

So here are 5 perfectly written letters from various mothers that I totally would have written myself - but chose to share their wise words instead...

If, like me, you feel they've absolutely nailed it with their wisdom, don't forget to drop them a line and tell them they rock.

xx B

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  • Thankyou so much for the feature darling.

    Tiarne Straatman on

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