10 simple ideas to do with the kids (that will lead to 100s more!)

10 simple ideas to do with the kids (that will lead to 100s more!)

If you're looking for some fun, creative, play-based learning ideas to do with the kids at home right now, we've compiled 10 simple ones which will lead to 100s more.

The activities below are all from fantastic Instagram accounts we love.

The idea is that you start with the ones here and follow through to the myriad of others each of these ladies has on their Instagram pages.

Let's start with a couple of simple ones from @howweplayandlearn...


This rock matching puzzle idea is easy to do - find any rocks from outside - and should keep the little ones entertained for a while.

And this playdough shape matching one is just as fun.

If you're starting to find your toilet paper rolls piling up, don't throw them away.

Instead, use them for a counting activity like this one from @montessorifromtheheart.

The next few will require you to do some drawing, but if you're up for it, these activities will be a heap of fun for your kiddos.

Remember, you can always copy the exact pictures and patterns these ladies have done...starting with bunny tail sticker matching from @littleoneslearn.


This large floor activity from @play_at_home_mummy is also a fun one. You draw the patient and then you let the kids stick the bandaids on the ouchies - how cute.

For kids who are ready to learn to tie knots and shoelaces, this activity from @zennzareen will be welcomed.

This letter matching bird puzzle from @engaging_littles is also a good one.

As is this absolutely brilliant reflection puzzle idea from @evokulu.

This dino peg and colour matching activity from @7daysofplay is also worth getting crafty with.

Finally, this lovely rainbow creation idea from @finthelittlemind is great for creativity and fine motor skills.

These are truly just the beginning.

Remember that clicking through to each of the Instagram accounts above will open up a whole world of 100s of other ideas for activities you can do with kids of all ages.

Hope you and your little ones enjoy.

Branka x

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